Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

For Chris' birthday. He gets his own schooner and blue-ringed octopus and everything.

Turkey with a side of Brains

This year my parents hosted an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. We gorged on turkey, mashed potatoes, prime rib, and an extra helping of zombies. While my parents, aunts and uncles hung out and sang karaoke, the "kids' table" caught up on the last couple episodes of The Walking Dead. It was delightful.

On Friday I stayed away from all shopping centers. Having worked in the retail industry during my college years, I know that Black Friday crowds are not worth messing with. I've just seen too many things. I worked at a department store for a while and found that people would go crazy over any and all kinds of electronics. For some reason, it always seemed that the more absurdly-specific the electronic device was, the more aggressively it was sought out. Portable DVD players. Solar-powered BBQ thermometers (now with built in laser pointers!). Ipod docks that are also kitchenware...People go crazy for these things.

Anyway, I hope you all had a fun holiday weekend and that you all have delicious leftovers for the rest of the week.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I know some people who keep dozens of decorative pillows on their beds and it always seemed impractical to me. I imagine that the only upside to having so many pillows is being able to do this:

P.S. I hope you all have a happy turkey day!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magna Doodle

In the days before the Cintiq and tablet PC, there was the Magna Doodle. This was probably my favorite toy when I was a child. Even though I'd eventually have to erase my drawings, there was something really cool about creating images with a stylus and magnetic particles.
One of my earliest memories about drawing involves trying to draw the Little Mermaid on model with my Magna Doodle (I believed I used the VHS box for reference). I was around 5 years old and I obviously lacked the drawing ability and probably the overall motor skills to sketch a proper Ariel, but I was really determined. After something like 3 hours of drawing and redrawing terrible attempts at Ariel, I went kind of bonkers...

It's been years since that day, but it is STILL pretty damn hard to draw Ariel on model.

Edit: Hahaha...Thanks for this link Mr. Woodside:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't photograph Laser Nessie

Laser Nessie is a random character that I started doodling one late night a couple of years ago. I don't quite remember why I decided to draw him, but I can tell you that Laser Nessie has the ability to fly, usually vertically, because he wears a propeller beanie. He also has bionic eyes that allow him to shoot lasers and he hates cryptozoologists (especially those who wake him up early).

For some reason I felt like drawing some Laser Nessies.

Some random Nessies:

And Laser Nessie chasing those pesky cryptozoologists:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bond Girl?

Edit...started with a drawing of a girl with a bob...ended up turning her into a bond-girl:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


November is here and the leaves are a' changing. Or at least I think they are. I live in Southern California so the closest I can get to experiencing Fall is catching the seasonal flu. Still, I felt like doing an autumnal drawing: