Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Sketch

It is that time of the year, so I figured I ought to do at least one creepy drawing.

This was somewhat inspired by my current state (no, not the cannibalism part). I had some minor dental surgery this morning and I've been bleeding a bit all day (I know, I know..very attractive and professional). 

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Spaciest Thing I Did All Week

Those who know me best know that I'm something of a space cadet. And now, some person in my building is also aware of this. What can I say, my brain likes to take vacations. I'm sad to say that this is not the first time I've tried to do this before...this was just the first time there was a witness.

Behold, my shame:


*uncomfortable fidgeting*


 I think I'm gonna just...
 ...the stairs are that way...

Sorry, neighbor. I'll bet you weren't expecting that awkward exchange when you went to buy your groceries.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DreamCon Post-It Caricature Show

A week ago, the studio hosted its fifth annual DreamCon. A few of us had a table to exhibit our first ever Story Department Post-it Caricature Gallery. Basically we had handed out 3x3 post it pads out to the story department a few weeks ago and told the artists to go bananas. We also hosted a couple of awesome lunchtime caricature drawing sessions, which were as fun as they were brutal. I think all of us who participated had a ton of fun, and hopefully we'll be able to do this more frequently!

Huge thanks to Dave Wolter, Steve MacLeod, and Glenn Harmon for being awesome co-curators and doing so many hysterical drawings. And thanks to Bob Logan, Ennio Torresan, Januel Mercado Vi-Dieu Nguyen, Le Tang, Tom Owens, Ryan Savas, and everyone else who came out to draw with us!!

Here was our main board, which we actually had printed at life size (please click to make bigger and see if you recognize anyone...or perhaps even yourself!):

A few photos from our first lunchtime session:

Here are some of mine:

Here are a couple of my faves..honestly, there were so many amazing, amazing drawings. I'll have to post more soon:
Ennio Torresan's interpretation of self....Horrifying and amazing. I am definitely going to have to sculpt this soon.

Ryan Savas' mixed media caricatures. The use of the brillo pad for Ennio's hair is genius.

Bob's drawing of me as ET...brilliant!!

Dave's incredibly accurate depiction of one Januel Mercado.

Glenn Harmon's drawing of a pensive Bob Logan.

And Vi, by Steve MacLeod.

And finally, we discovered that the post-it format allowed for some particularly hilarious photo opportunities. Enjoy the following glamor shots:

We also ended up doing a ton of caricatures for various DreamWorkers and guests at the show: