Monday, October 12, 2009

Ariel (Disney Princess Coloring Book)

I'm disappointed in myself for not posting lately, but illness and a busy schedule have kept me down. I'm going to get some of my drawings together and try to be more consistent!

A "Disney Princess coloring book challenge" has been going around lately. The premise: take a Disney Princess coloring book page and paint it in the style of a classical painting of your choice. Check out the fantastic studies Ryan Wood and Sam Nielsen did (it started on Ryan Wood's blog from what I understand). Also, check out Avalanche Software's amazing art blog...the guys and girls there do some really fun stuff.

Here is the original art (copyright Disney):

The classical artist I chose was Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun. I'd seen "Portrait of Countess Kinsky" up close at the Norton Simon before and it came to mind when I chose to paint this coloring book page of the Little Mermaid. Here is another painting by Ms. Lebrun that I also referred to.

This was mostly photoshop and a little painter...I'm not entirely pleased with the result, but it was a fun (and deliciously absurd) exercise.


Chris Silva said...

wow! This turned out great! Awesome painting!

Jeremy Polgar said...

Damn! That turned out amazing. Really cool assignment and really awesome execution.

danny said...

TBA, totally bad ass!