Thursday, March 18, 2010

Five Second Day!! 2010

Hello all--I'm back and I have some animation to share!

Every year, Titmouse has "Five Second Animation Day" (aka the best day ever). Everyone has a full day to animate their own personal short. The only criteria is that it must be more than 5 seconds long. This year, I spent a few extra nights prepping an animatic, designing my characters and painting my BGs.

Here is the result:

It can be viewed higher resolution HERE.

And here is a page of developmental thumbnails and a styleframe:


Chris Silva said...

Beautiful work as always. Now lets see some story boards. ;) Turned out great.

chrisallison said...

HAHAHA AWESOME! I think you're big cat drawings are looking pretty slick. You've always had a great knack for animals.

I like the twist at the end, and the BG paintings looked SWEET. The sound design added a lot of humor too! Great job, Megan!

Mike Moloney said...

this turned out beautiful and funny! It's like a miniature studio worked on this. great work Megan!