Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sketchbook Stuff

I started a couple of new sketchbooks this weekend. One is a watercolor sketchbook and one is some little sketchbook I picked up at Barnes & Noble for a ridiculously small amount of money. The Barnes & Noble sketchbook actually has really nice, smooth paper that is fun to draw on. I have something of a love/hate relationship with sketchbooks, but I'm going to try to draw in them every day from now on. Here are a couple of pages I scanned:

Some col-erase Betties (I also used brush & ink, marker, and prismacolor art stix that I still have from the caricature-stand days):

And a couple of pencil/watercolor experiments. There is so much I'd like to learn about watercolor:

And here are a couple of drawings I did for homework for the Story Development for Animation class (which is a really awesome class! It's taught by Rad Sechrist at the Concept Design Academy)

Colored it with markers and tried out this really cool pen called the Pilot Super (thanks for the tip, Maha!), and it can be found at Kinokuniya bookstores. Kinokuniya carries a variety of great Japanese brush pens, gel pens, and markers, many of which are a tad pricey. Fortunately these pilot pens only cost around $2.


chrisallison said...

Awesome sketches! That class with Rad sounds really good. Post the assignments he's having you do so I can follow along too haha

Chris Ybarra said...

Pretty awesome stuff, might have to invest in a class or two in the future.

Joe said...

That´s woderfull!, they are really alive, it seems like a scketch of Pixar, I love them all.


Tobias Schwarz said...

love the last one. funny sketches!
I can only handle one sketchbook at a time. wow!

rad sechrist said...

Cool, I love the poison Ivy water color sketch.

Mike Nassar said...

awesome. inked dude with the bird of prey looks great. and I love the shapes of the girls of the first page.
homework? class at concept design academy?? which one?

Mike Nassar said...

oh, I should have read your full post, hahah. story class. awesome!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Thanks you guys!

Chris--I'll probably post some of my homework up here from time to time. :)

Chris Y--I totally recommend the class! And Concept Design Academy has some great classes/teachers.

Mike--haha! No worries I do that all the time.

Eugenio Enrique said...

Hi Megan! beautiful pieces! I love these ladies, and I love to draw girls too, I invite you to take a look at my blog and please, leave me a comment, Thanks!:)