Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Skinny Chaos

Hello and Happy New Year, blogfriends...I hope the holidays treated all of you well! I wanted to mention that I have recently joined Tumblr, so for those of you with Tumblr accounts, please say hello! I still plan on posting here, but I'll likely have more frequent updates (sketchbook pages, doodles and such) over there.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've posted any stories about Chaos (the ugly-sitting wondercat), so I thought I'd give an update on the little guy. Chaos has always been a voracious eater, and as a person who grew up exclusively around dogs, I wasn't sure how to tackle his weight issues when I first inherited him.
When he ballooned to 19 lbs, I took him to the vet, who instructed me to take him off of kibble and feed him a high-protein canned food diet instead.
At first, Carrie and I didn't really notice any change in size, but now, months later, he is noticeably smaller!

In addition to being trimmer, Skinny Chaos has a lot more energy. Unfortunately, this means that he's been getting into a bit more mischief than usual.

He is lighter now, and so he can jump onto places he was simply too heavy to reach before...


 He seems to want to hide in places he doesn't normally hide:

While Skinny Chaos seems to be embracing the physical freedom his newfound lightness provides him, he hasn't entirely adjusted to his change in size. The other night, this happened:

Overall though, I think Skinny Chaos is a happier, more playful cat than Fat Chaos was. And though he's been on a pretty strict diet, we let him have do let him have his carbs once in a while:


Mike Nassar said...

Love the story megan, but the final sketchbook page is a knock out.

Breann said...

I love his face that just says, "this is all your fault" hahaha. This is so adorable. Glad to hear he's in better health.

James Lien said...

hehe awesome!

Tom Owens said...

so charming... great stuff megan

Jesse said...

Haha I love these.

Bob Logan said...

This is a friggin' amazing post!
More please!!!

L ROSSI said...

1st comment = my sentiments exactly n.n
Lovely post, and awesome Chaos drawings in the final image!

Anthony Holden said...

Oh, Megan, your drawings almost make me want to like cats. I think I can make an exception for Chaos.

Griselda Sastrawinata said...

very cute kitteh!!!!

Priscilla Wong said...

Love it! Skinny chaos and fat chaos are equally cute :)

Christina M. said...

Luvin these boards!! :D
BUT....I will miss fat Chaos hehe

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Mike--Thanks!! Trying to do more sketchbooking this year!

Breann--Thank you! And I'm glad his health is improving as well--it's like he's a younger cat!

James--Thanks dude!!

Tom--Thanks so much!


Bob--Thank you sir!! Will definitely post more soon!


Anthony--Haha, I'm still more of a dog person myself, but cats can be cool too, I promise!

Griselda--Thanks!! He is a cutie!

Priscilla--Thanks!! :D I also think Chaos is a pretty handsome fella, no matter how much he weighs.

Christina--Thanks!! If it makes you feel any better, he's still got a little pudge...he's just not the morbidly obese kitty he used to be.

Nicole Kozak said...

ahahah awesome!