Monday, February 4, 2013

Hourly Comics Day

I'm posting this pretty darn late, but Friday was Hourly Comics Day! I decided to draw each hour as a page in my new sketchbook (and I finally got around to scanning them all):

I used a couple of pens, and a variety of rather bleedy markers to ink and color the pages. The style isn't too terribly consistent here, and the execution kind of messy, but I had a lot of fun doing these:

And what the heck, here is the page of warm ups I did (to test out my pens and markers):

Also, check out these magnificent hourly comics by:

Stu Livingston
Carrie Liao
Anthony Holden
...Who else did one? Holler so I can read your pretty comics and add your links!


Avner Geller said...

Wohha! these are wonderful!!! didn't get to it this year, but next time!

Jean Kang said...

Here are mine:

The ones on tumblr are blurry click the link to Deviant Art and they're easier to read. Duurrrrr Jean doesn't get technologies...

James Lien said...

Hey this is awesome Megan!!

here's mine:

Leighton Hickman said...

So good! I really like your sketch style and use of color :)

Kendra Melton said...

jeez girl. these are great. you have great penmanship too :D

Jesse said...

I do love these!!

Donna Hyun Lee said...

This was awesome! I really loved your colors and expressions! And, your cats are hilarious :)

Lou Holsten said...

These are awesome! Really love the face given to your cat at 7:30am and the pizza pie panels at 8pm.

Casey Crowe said...

Very nice!

Chris Ybarra said...

Really amazing traditional work Megan! Love this : )

Joshua Wysocki said...

super duper!
this guy made a cool one

aintshakespeare said...

That's pretty darn funny.

Priscilla Wong said...

I love your marker/pen drawings! I get tempted by pastries at work every morning too.

Michael said...

HOLY CRAAAAAP! A few days behind on my Google reader feeds and I'm just now seeing this! So awesome!

k.mediani said...

Whoaaaaa this is superbly awesome!! Beautiful drawings using pen & ink!
Loving all the colors, expressions, and layouts. Those Pizza's layouts are real fun!!
Sigh... I definitely don't draw enough. at. all.

I believe Joonki did one hourly comic too! and it's really awesome too!

Chris Palmer said...

Tons of fun, and super impressive! Thanks for scanning this all in Megan.

Gabby Zapata said...

This just made my Friday morning while bunching on cheerios! :)

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Avner--Thanks!! You should definitely participate next year--I'd love to see what you'd come up with!

Jean--awesome!! Yea, I hate when images get weirdly blurry like that. Fun stuff though!

James--Thanks!! Your comic was fun too (saw some familiar faces there, haha)!

Leighton--thanks man!! I wish I knew half as much about color as you did, haha.

Kendra--Thank you so much!! And oh man, I'm trying so hard to improve my penmanship. Half the time I can't even read my own handwriting :P


Donna--Thank you!! And man, cats are such weirdos.

Lou--Thank you!!

Casey--Thanks, sir!!

Chris--Thanks so much :)

Josh--Thanks! And wow, that guy's was great!

shakespeare--Thank you!

Priscilla--Thanks! love your sketches as well!

Mike--holy thank you, ninjaman!

Tika--Thanks so much! I'll have to take a look at Joonki's too; I didn't know he did one!

Chris--Thank you, Chris!!

Gabby--Thanks so much Gabby! And yay for cereal! :D

The Ivanator said...

I love, love, love your drawings and oh so many flavorful colors. and always cracked me up!

Viv said...

Simply awesome!!! :D

Octavio Rodriguez said...

Great post!