Thursday, April 18, 2013

Comics Dump

Hey guys! I've been kind of busy and it's been a little while since I've posted, so here are some comics that I've posted to Tumblr but haven't posted here...the first is digital, but the rest are from my sketchbook. So here, in no particular order are some recent moments from my life:


Daisy Church said...

the headphones one. ALL THE TIME.

L ROSSI said...

I was just going to bed when I saw you posted - so these are my bed time comics! :3
So so so so good - I would love to see you release a book of these *o*

Donna Hyun Lee said...

Your "Blech" face gets me every time! All of these are hilarious!

And I agree with L ROSSI! :)

Sean McCormack said...

So so awesome!!
What kinda pens and markers do you use?
I wanna buy me the same ones!!!

Tiffanie Mang said...

I LOVE THESE SOO MUCH!!! they are hilarious :)