Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dog Sitting this weekend..

My parents have 3 poodle-y dogs. It's funny that our family ended up with this bunch because my mom used to dislike the breed. My parents adopted them all because they were in bad homes or unfortunate situations. Julibean was a puppy whose owner would leave her unattended for days. Toby's owners were moving out of the country and couldn't take him with them. And Daisy, the newest member of the family, is a likely puppy mill survivor who was found and rehabilitated by a dog rescuer before she went home with my parents. Each member of this poodle pack has a distinct personality and a ton of quirks. I have to say, I miss living in a house full of dogs. And I know I probably won't get one for myself in a long it's been fun watching after them.

From left to right: Julibean, Daisy, and Toby

This is how Julibean reminds me that it's feeding time:


Mike Moloney said...

lol too cute, love the animated gif haha his quivering expression

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Haha, thanks Mike.

ryan said...

Hahaha i like that gif

Zorilita said...

D'awe! That bottom one is too adorable!