Thursday, April 22, 2010

Parrot Boy and Some Coffee Shop Doodles

I went to Señor Fish tonight for dinner. The restaurant is conveniently located right around the corner from my place, and it's a nice spot to grab lunch or dinner. Most of the time I go to Señor Fish, I eat outside in their patio area, but it was extremely chilly tonight so Chris & I ate inside. As I gorged on my food (yummy orange roughy and halibut tacos), I cast a sideways glance at the TV. On it was a telenovela, and a weird scene that made me smile.

Here is a scribbly scribble, from memory:

(sorry for the crappy watercolors). It was a boy wearing piratey garb, animatedly having a discussion with some fellow in a fancy study room. The boy was also wearing a green parrot (maybe a large parakeet?) on his head and it squawked and fidgeted as the boy moved about.

Also, here are some tablet scribbles from a day or two ago. I was at Swork's coffee shop with my laptop. I ended up drawing a couple of people I saw there:

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