Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4: Frilled Shark

Sorry it's so late guys! Took me a while to get to posting everyone's frilled sharks!

Don't forget that Day 5 is the (freaking adorable) Porbeagle Shark!

Here are mine:

Hardy har har:

Check out these awesome sharks:

Allison Craig

Ryan Deluca
Nate Lowe
Mike Moloney
Maha Tabikh
Ben Li
Edward Artinian's Stealth Shark
Eric Wu
Matt Boismier
Carrie Liao
Nate Villanueva

And here are some more from awesome people!

Mike Roush:

Freddy Cristy:

Otto Tang:

Matt O'Connell:

Madison Bateman:

Parker Simmons:

Melissa Levengood:

Brandon Cuellar:

Check out Kristen's deviant art page for more sharks!!


Ryan DeLuca said...

So many sharks!!! I love em all!

Carrie Liao said...

ooh I love your frilled sharks! So toothy and creepy-cute!

Maha said...

Shark in a tutu! Way more approachable.
Everyone is turning out really great sharks, awesome!

Tooninator said...

your tutu sharks are the best I've seen of shark week yet. So much fun and personality.

nate v said...

wow that first one is hella dope. love it!

Kristen said...

OH my goshhhh I didn't even see the tutu ones XD These are all so amazing!! The post-it shark is freaking great! You guys are on fire, these are all wonderful :)