Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Longnose Sawshark (Shark Week Sketch Jam Day 3)

Wednesday's shark is the very neat-looking Longnose Sawshark! Here are a couple more brush pen sketches with some digital color...

And of course the obligatory sawshark-used-as-a-weapon doodle...Here day 1's shark is fighting day 2's shark using day 3's shark.

This last one is a hammerhead sketch I forgot to scan Monday night:

And as always, check out the shark week sketch jam blog and deviantart pages, along with Kristen Campbell's page! And Titmouse has also been doing some awesome shark doodles at the Titblog page so please show 'em some love!

I also really enjoyed these hilarious Shark Week-themed posts by Austin Madison and David Derrick.

More awesome sawsharks:
Nate Villanueva
Marina Gardner
Eric Wu


EricWu said...

Nice drawings! Really brought the fu manchu out on the saw sharks. Also, the hammerhead doesn't need a weapon, he IS a weapon.

James Lien said...

SHARKS! Cool!!

Jenny Lerew said...

Megan! These are fantastic! Love 'em!

Mike Nassar said...

damn that's a weird shark. love the sword fighting.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Eric--Haha, thanks!

James--Thanks! You should join in :)

Jenny--Thanks so much Jenny!!

Mike--There are some seriously strange-looking sharks out there. And thanks!

danny said...

cool shaaaaarks!

KAVI said...

I really like your hammerhead version ! My favorite is still the Pelagic Thresher Shark ( didn't know before )
cutest Shark !

Ryan Khatam said...

Love the hammerhead at the bottom! Is it just me or is that one shark from the little mermaid the best shark design ever?