Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hiccup and Toothless

I was playing with some Photoshop brushes today...Decided to draw Hiccup and (a gigantic) Toothless.

Who's going to CTN-X? I'll be wandering about on Saturday (and possibly sometime tomorrow afternoon as well). I look forward to seeing you guys there!


WASPart said...

Highly enjoyable sketch. Wish I could come check you out at CTN. You're a fabulous artist. Cheers!

Christina M. said...

Toothless is just so adorable and big in your drawing :D

And awesome; James, Garrett, Chris, me, and a whole bunch from csuf will be at CTN Saturday too! Hopefully we find you and Carrie around there too!!

Claudio Cerri said...


Megan Nicole Dong said...

WASPart--Thanks so much! Maybe next year!

Christina--Thanks :D Yea, I wanted to make him kind of gigantic here, haha. Look forward to seeing you guys!


david gemmill said...

awesome drawing. it looks like he's giving him a back massage :)