Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Drawn by Chance Challenge! (and a recap of my sickday)

A few of you have inquired about the drawing challenge that the talented Mr. Le Tang and I have started recently. I apologize for how disorganized I've been. This thing is still in its infancy and we're still trying to figure out the best way to run it. First of all, this is a weekly challenge that is open to absolutely anyone who wants to participate. Its original intent was to encourage some of us in the DW story department to work out our storytelling muscles since the awesome bi-weekly drawing challenges ended some time ago. We'd love to see any sort of entries (character designs, illustration, animation, etc.).

Each week, we choose our prompts at random by drawing words from cups. We have one cup of adjectives, a cup of nouns, and a recently added cup of verbs. We select two of these words will always be an adjective, and we will alternate between nouns and verbs for the other.

Tomorrow's challenge is Obsessive Pokemon, for those of you who still want to participate. We're still debating whether or not to start a separate blog for what we are now calling the Drawn by Chance Challenge, but for now, I will be posting entries to my blog (so let me know if you've posted anything up!)

Sorry for not getting this up sooner. Yesterday I was home sick with a fever and most of my time was spent like this:

Some of it was spent like this:

 And some of it was spent witnessing this:


Chaos needs to learn to chew his food.


Chris Ybarra said...

Man, if I saw a cat who could puke like that I would think he's a pokemon. Hope you feel better soon!

chengwhich said...

hahaha, awesome sketches! i love how chaos' nipples poke out when he projectile vomits! and yes, get better soon!!

Kat said...

Neat-oh burrito Megan! Man I hope your cat is ok and I hope you feel better too! (try some naked juice...the machine ones...those really kick butt)

Breann said...

Chaos is just trying to show you that he feels your pain. This is the best cat vomit action I've ever seen and my cat vomits a lot.

Le Tang said...

I did not authorize the usage of my name... But it's cool.

Josh 'Hat' Lieberman said...

I laughed so hard at that cat drawing i almost barfed!!!!

Anthony Holden said...

We've got to harness that barf power somehow, and bend it to the good of mankind.

Ken said...

haha! I hate to laugh, as fever and puking cats aren't fun... but this is amazing!