Thursday, February 16, 2012

Americana Doodle Dump

Some Wednesday nights, a few of us go sketching at the Glendale Americana after work. Here are some sketchbook pages from yesterday's outing... Check out Stu's drawings here!

I saw the pink, velour parachute-pants clad woman in the parking garage when we arrived. I wish I had that kind of confidence:

Sketched these guys in Barnes and Noble. The man waiting in line for his coffee did in fact appear to be fondling his own behind for an uncomfortably long period of time. To each his own.:

Kiki-Stu and some other Barnes & Noblemen:

 And these are actually from yesterday's lunchtime life drawing session. This really happened:


Michael said...

If you ever gain the confidence, you can borrow my pink velour parachute-pants. You might need to shake them a lot to get all the glitter off.

Also, great drawings!

Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

very nice sketches! damn this makes me wanna goto sketching rusty..

Nate Villanueva said...

I must come out to these one day! i too am quite rusty.

Carrie Liao said...

Yaaay for sketches! :D

Lee said...

I love that guy on the first page, top right. He looks like he's getting an earful!

Great stuff

Xavier Yabut said...

These are really cool sketches! Great work!

Christina M. said...

HEY, thats pretty neat: Adding in the blue bg shape on that sketch page :D

And also I cracked up laughing from seeing the Kiki Delivery MAN and the Shark fight

GhettoFab said...

That's a ruff part of town where fights involving sharks break out. Would be even scarier at night....

Thanks for always sharing. I love how story people can capture so much. These are gold

( hate the new security feature these days, can't ever read one of the two words it's taking me 20 mins to reply. Hehe)

Chris Ybarra said...

I think your confidence in your drawings are much more important. Really awesome sketches!

James Lien said...

Megan you are my hero!

Kenji Ono said...

Great stuff! (i should add colors to mine too :)

Ivan Mendoza said...

awesome. :)

C.Deboda said...

Nice doodle dump as usual!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Mike--how did I know that you'd be the guy to ask if I ever wanted to borrow a pair? And thanks!

Joseph--Thanks very much!!

Nate--Yea for sure, friend!! Come out next time!

Carrie--Yay for sketches! Huzzah for art!

Lee-Thank you! It appeared that he was! But he was rather nonchalant about it.


Christina--Hahah, thanks! I think I tend to get caught up in purely observational drawing sometimes, and it's always fun to break from that and draw some silly things.

Mel--I know!! The double captcha thing is such a hassle! But thanks so much for the kind words :)

Chris--daww. Thanks, Mr. Ybarra!

James--Aw shucks. Am I your hero because I put Stu in a Kiki dress?

Kenji--Thanks so much! Your sketches are lovely the way they are but I'd love to see some of them colorized too!

Ivan--Thank you!! You should come to the next sketch group!

Chris--Thanks Chris! :)