Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Sketchbooking

One of my New Year's resolutions was to do more traditional drawing. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to force myself to start drawing in my sketchbooks more frequently. Initially, a part of me was resistant (as I felt incredibly rusty), but gradually sketchbook-keeping has begun to feel fun again. I guess I've stopped fretting so much about what my doodles look like.

Here are some pages from this weekend.

On Saturday, I briefly stopped by some friends' sketch outing to the zoo. Here is a page of humans:

And a page of rock wallabies: 

Coffee shop people:

And tonight I caught part of the Oscars with Chaos (who found my purse to be quite the comfy headrest):

And here is a little pen and watercolor doodle of a Squirtle with OCD for last week's drawn by chance challenge (obsessive pokemon):
Le and I decided to start a separate blog for said challenge (which will be updated by us on a weekly basis). Please take a look at everyone's awesome Pokemon entries here! And please join us for this week's challenge, "Hideous Sheep Shearing."


L ROSSI said...

My love of sketchbook keeping has really grown over the last 2 years.... It's great to look back - almost like a diary. Keep at it, these are lovely :)

Austin Reinkens said...

Hello Megan!
I stumbled across your blog recently and just keep coming back because your stuff is so good and fun! I drew up some things for the "drawn by chance challenge" but didn't know how you were having people get them to you. For now, here's the url to my blog post about it;

Anyway, I really like this idea and will try to participate as much as i can.
- Austin

Kristen said...

OMG, OCD SQUIRTLE IS THE GREATEST.. totally the Pokemon I would pick if I had to have one. Awesome sketches dude!!

Christina M. said...

Wow, nice sketch pages!! My fave has to be the cute wallabies and the girl sitting on the couch-chair staring at something to her left VERY INTENTLY.

Claudio Cerri said...

Beautiful sketches!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Laurent--Thank you! It was tough before but now it's definitely becoming more of a theraputic practice.

Austin--thanks so much for joining us :)

Kristen--Aw..Thanks so much!

Christina--Haha she was doing what I'd call the "angry spaceout." And thanks!

Claudio--Thank you!